Pioneer Air Systems

Founded more than 35 years ago, Pioneer Air Systems quickly established itself as the preferred design/build firm for air, gas and biogas dryers with an emphasis on specialized equipment. The founder, Sam Basseen, was widely regarded in the industry as the leader in innovative engineering solutions for specific drying problems. Now under new ownership, management continues this mantra of innovation and brings a strong dedication to ensuring “best practices” in all areas of our operations.

With more than 60,000 dryer units in service worldwide, Pioneer Air is the worldwide leader in “non-standard equipment” to meet the challenges of drying air, gas and biogases for every application. Our client list includes companies such as Chevron, Boeing, Transocean and Lockheed Martin as well as NASA, DOE and the U.S. Army.  All Pioneer Air units are proudly “Made in the USA”. Always have been and always will be. Our factory in Tennessee has been building quality machines nonstop for well over three decades.


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