Headworks BIO

Headworks BIO™ Inc. is one of the oldest independent MBBR/IFAS technology providers in the biological sector with approximately 15 years of experience in municipal, industrial, and marine applications. Headworks Inc. is a total solutions provider offering wastewater screening, MBBR/IFAS biological treatment, and tertiary filtration products to the worldwide municipal and industrial treatment industry.

If your plant or facility is being challenged with:

  • Increasing demand for flow capacity from a growing population or increase of manufacturing production;
  • Tightening federal, state, or local regulations;
  • Treating wastewater for reuse applications;
  • Lacking space or land to expand.

The team of process design experts applies proven technologies for treating wastewater for reuse (i.e. factory process water, irrigation) with discharge effluents meeting new stringent BOD, Nitrification, and Total Nitrogen levels while reducing overall footprint. MBBR technology can also be applied to increase the capacity and improve effluent quality of existing plants without requiring additional real estate. Headworks also offers customized also offers customized decentralized systems for housing complexes, small manufacturing or process plants (i.e. micro-breweries, distilleries) resorts, and small communities.


Biological Wastewater Treatment

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